Zach Platter


Zach Platter

Zach Platter is a record producer who appears in the Dynamite Entertainment comic strip. He sees potential in Sally Swing and offers her a record deal. Unlike in the 1938 short Sally Swing, Sally is a terrible singer and asks her best friend Betty Boop to fill in for her. While pretending to be Sally, Betty accidentally flirts with Zach which makes Sally jealous. By the end of the comic, Sally comes clean with Zach and they both toast to their new relationship with one another. 


  • He is in an inter-species relationship with Sally Swing. Originally in the original cartoon series Betty Boop and Bimbo were an inter-species couple, although in the comic Betty Boop is not romantically linked to Bimbo. Bimbo has a crush on Betty, but she doesn't feel the same, in which she tells him later on in the series.
  • Zach seems to be the same breed of dog as Bimbo, only he looks much older.
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