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Betty's wicked stepmother the Queen appears in Snow White. The Queen asks her Magic Mirror, "Magic mirror in my hand, who's the fairest in the land?" and the mirror responds that she is. When Betty visits her, the Queen asks the mirror who is the fairest in the land. The mirror states that Betty is. The furious Queen asks her guards to execute Betty. Betty escapes with her life. The Queen inspects the spot where she believes Betty is buried and asks "Am I the fairest in the place?", to which the mirror replies "If I were you, I'd hide my face!" The Queen then uses her mirror to turn herself into an old hag and turns Koko into a ghost as he sings "St. James Infirmary Blues," then turns Koko and Bimbo into ice sculptures (Betty is in the ice coffin and nothing happens to her). With her enemies gone, the Queen turns back to normal and asks if she is the fairest. The mirror turns her into a hideous monster and changes everyone else back to normal. The Queen chases them until Bimbo grabs her tongue and, with one mighty yank, turns her inside out.


  • Wicked Queen: "Magic Mirror in my hand who's the fairest in the land!" (Snow White)
  • Wicked Queen: "And what it says is so!" (Snow White)
  • Wicked Queen: "Off with her head!" (Snow White)
  • Wicked Queen: "The mirror's gotta check you out!" (Hurray for Betty Boop)
  • Wicked Queen: "Mirror, mirror don't you fret tell the truth who looks best." (Hurray for Betty Boop)

Voice Actor/Actress

  • Mae Questel as the Wicked Queen
  • Marc Durham (Hurray for Betty Boop)


  • She bears some resemblence to Olive Oyl.
  • At the beggining of the cartoon the Queen is shown flashing her wedding ring, indicating that she is married to Betty Boop's father. But like Betty Boop's Grandma who is referenced in Dizzy Red Riding Hood the episode is based on a fairy tale and the apperance of the Queen is non-canon.
  • In Hurray for Betty Boop the Wicked Queen is called Donnie Marie.