Waldo Van Lavish
Waldo van Lavish


Waldo Van Lavish






Mr. Van Lavish & Mrs. Van Lavish

Voiced by

Derek McGrath

First Appearance

The Romance of Betty Boop

Last Appearance

The Romance of Betty Boop

Waldo Van Lavish is a character who appears in The Romance of Betty Boop. He is a rich millionaire who Betty falls head over heels in love with. Later Betty meets Waldo at the Club Bubbles and he invites her out for a date. He schedules a meeting at his parents house, and Betty Boop believes he will propose her. When Betty meets up with Waldo she is followed by Mr. Throats gang. Betty saves Waldo from the gang and still wants to get married with him, only to later find out that he only wanted to hire her as an upstairs maid. After Betty learns the cold hard truth she is furious and smacks Waldo out cold with her handbag and storms off.


  • Waldo Van Lavish is first seen by Betty in a magazine called Blab.
  • Waldo is always seen with his Debutante Tramps, who take a disliking to Betty after both being bounced out of the way of Waldo.
  • The Debutante Tramps names are Tracy and Mimsey.