Ugly Step Sisters
Ugly stepsisters


Ugly Step Sisters






Betty Boop (Step-Sister)

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Poor Cinderella

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Poor Cinderella

The Ugly Stepsisters are Betty Boop's wicked stepsisters who appear in Poor Cinderella. the two stepsisters are extremely jealous of Betty, as she is very beautiful and they are very ugly. In order to ensure Prince Charming will not be able to marry her, they reduce her to their maidservant. Betty becomes the prince's bride, much to the displeasure of the two stepsisters. The two continue to argue at the gates of the prince's palace and are left to argue with each other until the end title's door smack their heads together. The ugly sisters are characters in the fairy tale and pantomime, Cinderella. They are the daughters of Cinderella's cruel stepmother, who treat her poorly. The "ugly sisters" have been in variations of the story from as early as researchers have been able to determine. 


  • Ugly Stepsisters: "Cinderella!"
  • Ugly Stepsisters: "Get us ready for the ball!"
  •  Ugly Stepsister: "Hurry up give my hair a brush, can't you see we are rushing!"
  • Ugly Stepsister: "Now you see it's all your fault!"
  • Ugly Stepsister: "My fault?
  • Ugly Stepsister: "You impudent thing!
  • Ugly Stepsister: "I'll slap your face!
  • Ugly Stepsister: "I'll scratch your eyes out!"
  • Ugly Stepsisters: "Argh..."


  • Unlike the Grimms' version of the fairy tale "where the sisters were themselves 'beautiful and fair in appearance,'" Fleischers depiction presents them as ugly sisters.
  • Traditionally, the two stepsisters are played by men (although in some adaptions, they are played by women, whereas in others they are played by a man and a woman) and their attire is outrageous and garish, parodying the latest fashions.
  • A favorite gag is to have one sister tall and thin, the other short and fat, only for them to state that they are "identical twins."
  • They portrayed as unruly man-eaters who provide much of the story's comic relief, flirting with men in the audience and repeatedly insulting each other yet teaming up to torment Cinderella.
  • The sisters are extremely jealous of Cinderella, as she is very beautiful and they are very ugly. In order to ensure no man will want to marry her, they reduce her to their maidservant and force her into waiting on them non-stop and doing all the dirtiest kitchen jobs.
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