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Tony Shayne

Tony Shayne was a theatrical producer and promoter in New York City, who was also cited as a booking agent in Brooklyn. In the 1920s Tony had an office which is referred to as "Tony Shayne's office", which is referenced in several newspaper articles dating 1928-1929.

In that very office they would book singers and dancers and most of those performers who were booked would go on to have great vaudeville careers, Helen Kane was one of the many performers under his wing. Shayne would also later produce "All-Girl Shows," some in which featured famous faces such as Thelma Todd along many other performers.

In 1928 Tony Shayne was the agent for Baby Esther Lee Jones and had introduced Lou Bolton to Helen Kane at Tony's Shayne's office, at Broadway on 47th Street. Both he and Kane had ringside seats while Esther was performing her "scat singing" routine on stage, the act inspired Helen to "Boop" a few months later, making her famous overnight.

Over the years Shayne was most associated with Helen Kane who was the most famous "Boop-Boop-a-Doop" girl.

Helen Kane At Walton (1934)

Helen Kane Trial Show At Walton Tony Shayne 1934

The Sky Rendezvous, atop Hotel Walton, will sway with "Boops" and resound "Doops" when Helen Kane begins her engagement there next Thursday evening for an in-definite run, when she will depict, nightly her famous court-room scene of Action of the People vs. Helen Kane (Trial of the People vs. Helen Kane). Tony Shayne is also offering his new summer edition of Sky Larks, for which he has engaged the highly amusing comedian Roy Sedley, plus a bevy of dancing girls and various other performers.

Shayne's Casina, Jamaica (1939)

Tony Shayne 1939

When Tony Shayne opens his new club he'll introduce a batch of novel ideas. He plans to have guest stars every night; stars like Hal LeRoy, George Olsen, Helen Kane.

Night Spots In Brooklyn (1939)

Brooklyn New York Casino La Casia

The opening of Tony Shayne's Jamaica Casino is set for April 28. A new bar and bandstand are being installed but while alterations are being made Tony Shayne is preparing for his opening floor show. Bill Drewes and his Georgia-Dixielanders will provide the musical background for the show as well as the dance music. Satires of Broadway plays will be one of the novelties to be introduced as part of the nightly entertainment. 

Discovered by Tony Shayne (1939)

Tony Shayne 1939 Discovered Helen Kane

In 1939 Shayne was referenced as discovering stars such as George Olsen, Hal LeRoy, Gertrude Niesen and Helen Kane. According to information Kane was actually discovered by Paul Ash but Tony Shayne is said to have played some kind of role in Kane's career, such as booking her for shows.


  • Kane would make numerous appearances at his nightclubs.
  • He owned several nightclubs over the years, the Paramount Grill in Manhattan, the Sky Rendezvous on the Hotel Walton Roof and later the La Casia (in which he renamed the Jamaica Casino).

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