The Foxy Hunter

The Foxy Hunter


The Foxy Hunter



 The Foxy Hunter (1937)

Junior and Pudgy slip away from Betty's care to go hunting with a pop-gun, before setting out Junior writes a letter to Betty stating "Dere Betty - We're going hunting for wild Animals. Junior and Pudgy." The small woodland creatures don't take kindly to this and beat them up. They high tail it back to Betty Boop's house. A mother duck who's babies Junior has shot down with his pop-gun follows them home. When they get inside the house the duck follows them in through the window and tells Betty what has taken place and that she wants justice. Betty holds down Junior and Pudgy while the duck spanks them. 


  • Junior: "You know I'm some big fella, ya know that?"
  • Junior: "I'm going to write a letter!"
  • Betty Boop: "Oh, the little rascals!"
  • Betty Boop: "Ooh, look at this mess!"
  • Betty Boop: "Just wait till they get home!"
  • Mother Duck: "Hey what you doing right there?"
  • Mother Duck "Go home scram, beat it! Get away from here!"
  • Mother Duck "Duck, duck, duck!"
  • Junior: "Ooh, he means it...I gotta do something about that!"
  • Betty Boop "Oh, dear what's happened?"
  • Mother Duck: "I want justice!"
  • Betty Boop "Okay, okay! You'll get it and you can give then a paddy whacking for me too!"


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  • Was released on the 26th of November in 1937.
  • This is the third and final appearance of Betty's nephew Junior.
  • For Junior and Pudgy, the hunters become the hunted.
  • When the Ducklings' mother comes charging at Junior and Pudgy, Junior refers to her as male.
  • Junior is often mistaken for Little Jimmy, (Both are completely different characters.)

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