The Bum Bandit
Te Bum Bandit


The Bum Bandit

The Bum Bandit

The Bum Bandit


 The Bum Bandit (1931)

Bimbo prepares to rob a train that he has forced to stop. He then sings "The Holdup Rag." A ferocious bearded cowboy emerges, eats the barrel of Bimbo's gun, and, pulling off his beard and costume, reveals himself to in fact be his wife Dangerous Nan McGrew, whom he had abandoned. She then throws Bimbo into the locomotive, disconnects it from the rest of the train, and they drive off, presumably having sex as they take off their clothing. 


  • Betty Boop: "I'm dangerous Nan the sister of Dan McGrew believe it or not!"
  • Betty Boop: "My father and brother were tough but I'm the toughest one of the lot!"
  • Bimbo: "My Wife!"
  • Betty Boop: "Right! Remember the night you left me and the kids to go after a quart of milk?"
  • Betty Boop: "Who told you you were tough? Why, you couldn't frighten a baby! So, cut out this stunt, you poor little runt, Before I forget I'm a lady!"
  • Bimbo: "Yeah?"
  • Betty Boop: "Well, haven't you found that cow yet?"
  • Betty Boop: "I'm dangerous Nan McGrew, Say, who are you making a goat of? Come home and take care of your seventeen kids Or I'll crown you with this locomotive!"


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  • Was released on the 4th of April in 1931.
  • Deprived from the 1930 Helen Kane film Dangerous Nan McGrew.
  • Betty has 17 Kids.
  • Betty's nose turns from a button nose to a dog like snout.
  • Unlike Betty's appearance in Dizzy Dishes, Betty is shown to have tanned skin in both The Bum Bandit & Mysterious Mose.