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The Talkartoons series began as one-shot animated cartoons, with the first entry, Noah's Lark, patterned after Paul Terry's Aesop's Fables film series. A total of 42 cartoons were produced by the Fleischer Studios and were all distributed by Paramount Pictures between 1929-1932. 






  • Max Fleischer changed the name of the Ko-Ko Song Car-Tunes series to Screen Songs. He decided to work with his brother, Dave on a new series of cartoons where the characters did more than dance to the music of the "bouncing ball".
  • When the idea for the Talkartoons series was pitched to Paramount, they leaped at the opportunity.
  • By 1931 Betty Boop had dominated the Talkartoons series, and Koko the Clown was brought out of retirement and paired up with Betty Boop and Bimbo.
  • The best contribution to the series was the creation of Betty Boop in the 1930 Talkartoon titled Dizzy Dishes.

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