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Sue Raney
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Sue Raney

Sue Raney began singing at only four years of age and, encouraged by her mother, began working professionally before she was a teenager. When she was nearly 14, she joined Jack Carson's Los Angeles-based radio show in 1954, and later worked on television as Ray Anthony's band's main vocalist. After a hiatus in the 1970s, Raney has continued to record sporadically.

Sue Raney as Betty Boop

Sue Raney provided the singing voice for Betty Boop in the scrapped storyboard demo for The Betty Boop Movie (1993), along with Jimmy Rowles as Betty Boop's father Benny Boop.


  • Sue Raney did not sing in the character's usual "Boop-Oop-a-Doop" style, instead she recorded in her own singing style which is influenced by Jazz music.
  • Sue Raney was only hired for the storyboard demo, Bernadette Peters was said to have provided the official voice for Betty Boop. However Mary Kay Bergman stated that she had won the role, as Betty Boop was one of Mary's many character vocal impressions.

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