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Snooty is a pampered pooch who is owned by Mrs Fritzi Prissy. Snooty makes her first appearance in Little Nobody. Pudgy rescues her from plunging over a waterfall. Little Nobody is the first of two films to feature Pudgy’s love interest, Snooty, a very pampered Pekinese owned by Betty’s neighbor Mrs. Fritzi Prissy. Although Snooty and Mrs. Prissy are initially dismissive of Pudgy (Mrs. Prissy referring to him as a "little nobody"), they quickly change their minds when he saves Snooty from falling off a waterfall. Snooty makes her second appearance in The Swing School as Pudgy's girlfriend. She appears in the animated feature as one of Pudgy's classmates. She kisses Pudgy when he gets into trouble for singing off-key, and her kiss gives Pudgy the pep he needs to sing and dance and be rewarded with a gold star.


  • Mrs. Fritzi Prissy: "It's time for your recreation dear." (Little Nobody)
  • Mrs. Fritzi Prissy: "Aww, sweet thing." (Little Nobody)
  • Mrs. Fritzi Prissy: "GET AWAY FROM MY DOG! You little nobody!" (Little Nobody)
  • Mrs. Fritzi Prissy: "Hmph!" (Little Nobody)
  • Mrs. Fritzi Prissy: ''Go on home!" (Little Nobody)
  • Mrs. Fritzi Prissy: "Mama's baby!'" (Little Nobody)
  • Mrs. Fritzi Prissy: "SAVE HER! SAVE HER!'" (Little Nobody)
  • Snooty: "Poor Pudgy..." (The Swing School)

Character Design

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  • Snooty makes her last appearance in the Betty Boop cartoon The Swing School as Pudgy's girlfriend.
  • In Little Nobody, she has a beauty mark by the side of her cheek. For her second appearance the mark on her face was removed.
  • In her modern cameo appearances she is depicted as a white French poodle.

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