Silly Scandals

Silly Scandals


Silly Scandals

Silly Scandals

Silly Scandals


 Silly Scandals (1931)

Bimbo sneaks into the theater stage show. In a vaudeville act, the crowd cheer Betty by name when she comes on stage. Betty Boop, with dog's ears, a white nose, many curls and an enormous head, performs a song called "You're Driving Me Crazy". During Betty's performance her dress falls off, revealing a frilly bra. After Betty has finished her performance on stage Bimbo runs afoul of a stage hypnotist.


  • Bimbo: "I'm flat broke..."
  • Crowd: "Kid's sneaking in!"
  • Security: "Get back in line you shrimp you can't crash this gate!"
  • Betty's heart: "Boop-Poopa-Doop!"
  • Betty Boop: "Yes, you! You're driving me crazy! What did I do to you?"
  • Betty Boop: "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


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  • "You're Driving Me Crazy"
  • "It's a Great Life" (If You Don't Weaken)
  • "It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo'"
  • "One Step"
  • "Spring, Beautiful Spring" (O Frühling, wie bist du so schön)
  • "Grotesque Misterioso"
  • "Butterflies"



  • Was released on the 23rd of May in 1931.
  • The once nameless character who had a variety of names is now known as "Betty".
  • Stopping the Show would be Betty's official debut cartoon as a human.
  • Betty has a unique frilly dress in Silly Scandals (most likely inspired by Clara Bow), which was later modified.
  • Betty sings (in the Helen Kane manner) the popular song "You're Driving Me Crazy".
  • Betty's dress slips down while she is performing onstage to reveal her frilly bra.
  • This is Mae Questel's debut as Betty Boop.
  • In most of Betty's 1931 appearances, she does not do her signature "Boop-Oop-a-Doop". In Silly Scandals, she has her heart do it for her instead.
  • Bimbo has financial troubles in this cartoon and decides to sneak into the vaudeville theatre without paying. Pooch the Pup was created by Walter Lantz in 1931, not too long after this cartoon. Pooch also had a girlfriend called Poodles, who was a French poodle like Betty Boop. 

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