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Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery

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Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery

Sam Slade appears in The Betty Boop Movie Mystery. Sam pretends to be a detective and uses Betty Boop and her friends in his plan to steal Lola Daville's Diamond necklace along with his partner in crime Miss Green. Betty is framed for stealing the diamond and is arrested by the police. After Betty solves the mystery, Sam pretends to be the good guy, but Betty knows that he is working with Miss Green and escapes with the diamond. Sam chases Betty with a loaded gun, only to be arrested by the police in the film studio.


  • Sam Slade: "Hiya, doll!"
  • ​Sam Slade: "Sam Slade, best detective in town!"
  • Sam Slade: "Break a leg kiddo!"
  • Sam Slade: "Pssss... Betty report to me right away if you find anything suspicious."
  • Sam Slade: "Where you now Betty?"
  • ​Sam Slade: "I'm almost sorry kid, your not a bad detective for a good looking dame!"


  • Sam calls Miss Green greeny for short.
  • Sam finds Betty attractive stating; that she isn't a bad looking dame.
  • In one scene he decides to spy on Betty while she is getting changed in her dressing room while hiding in a clock.
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