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Rose Marie Mazetta[1] (August 15, 1923 – December 28, 2017) was an American actress. As a child performer she had a successful singing career as "Baby Rose Marie", and she had appeared on radio and vaudeville, she previously starred in the Fleischer's 1933 musical film short Sing Babies Sing.

In a 1930 article, Marie was proclaimed a prodigy of air, and was radio's child prodigy, and the "Baby Peggy" of the air.

In 1938 at the age of 15, Rose Marie was hired to provide the voice for the Fleischer Studios new character Sally Swing. Marie remembered that she actually recorded six cartoons as Sally Swing, not just one. Paramount announced that 12 "Sally Swing" cartoons were in the works.[2]

Marie[3] inspired part of the character. She was sought in a "Sally Swing" contest, which was a desperate hunt to find a "personality" to take on the role of the character.

The Fleischer Studios finished designing "Sally Swing," a new character they created in 1938, using Betty Grable's appearance. Comedian Martha Raye served as the base for Sally's mannerisms, and the Fleischers used a teenage Rose Marie for her persona, voice, and singing.

Sally Swing may have appeared in other Fleischer animations, but they were probably never made available to the general public because the character did not catch on when she first appeared and was not as well-known as Betty Boop.

In Marie's earlier career she was a "Boop-Boop-a-Doop" girl on the vaudeville stage[4] and on radio like Jane Withers, and was often compared to Sophie Tucker and Helen Kane.[5]

As she got older, she later dropped the "Baby" from her name.


  • Baby Rose Marie: "I want to be a star like Bebe Daniels, or Sophie Tucker, or maybe Helen Kane boop-boop-a-da, I'll show you some of her stuff. How about 'I'd Do Anything For You', huh?" (1930)
  • Baby Rose Marie: "I just love to sing on the radio, I don't think much of opera an when I tune in I like to hear songs, you know about Boopa Doops."
  • Rose Marie: "I've been in show business my whole life. Why start something new now?"
  • Rose Marie: "Al Jolson was mean. He was a lousy man. Very mean and very... oh, he was terrible. In fact, nobody ever liked him."
  • Rose Marie: "Jimmy Durante was the love of my life!"
  • Rose Marie: "I'm not an impersonator, I never was, but in my act I used to do a little bit of a Durante in a song."
  • Rose Marie: "What I do now is commentary on people that are all dead. Nobody remembers!"
  • Rose Marie: "Nobody remembers Sophie Tucker! Nobody remembers."
  • Rose Marie: "Between my movie debut and the start of my new NBC job, I was kept busy doing shorts."
  • Rose Marie: "Two with the bouncing ball, remember that?"
  • Rose Marie: "I was the voice of Sally Swing in six Betty Boop cartoons."

Character Role(s)

1938 Swing sally 10 Sally Swing Sally Swing

Baby Rose Marie 

Rose Marie Boop a Dooping

Baby Rose Marie contract star in radio and Papa Frank Curley are pictured at the left as they returned to their east-side home after a visit to the studios of the National Broadcasting Company. Next she is shown taking the new doll out for an airing and in the third picture with a group of playmates on the steps of the Curley apartment. At the right the 5 year-old prodigy is "Boop-Boop-a-Doing" before the microphone.

Rose marie helen kane sophie tucker

Baby Rose Marie who looks the way Helen Kane sings is called the Sophie Tucker of tomorrow (1931).

"Don't Be Like That"


Baby Rose Marie - Don't Be Like That 1929 The Child Wonder

In 1929 Rose Marie covered the "Boop-Boop-a-Doop" song "Don't Be Like That" a Boop-a-Doop song that was most associated with Helen Kane. According to research, the song was also covered by Baby Esther Jones, Annette Hanshaw and Ermine Calloway

Rose Marie (Sally Swing) 

Meet Sally Swing

Rose Marie references her role as Sally Swing in her 2002 autobiography Hold the Roses.

In a 2011 interview Rose Marie was asked about her role as Sally Swing.

Kliph Nesteroff:

"Earlier today I was watching the Betty Boop cartoon in which you did the voice for the character Sally Swing."

Rose Marie:

"Oh, the cartoon? Yes, I don't remember much about that. God, I don't know how I got that job. I was signed to NBC at that time and they got me all the work... and I had done a Vitaphone short before I signed with NBC. I don't know how that all happened either!"

Rose Marie References Sally Swing (25/09/2017)

Rose Marie Sally

On the 25th of September (2017), Rose Marie the original voice of Sally Swing referenced Sally Swing, stating it was her original character in the 1938 Betty Boop cartoon Sally Swing. Marie then went on to state she did a great deal of voice-over and her first was Sally Swing and her last being a witch in Garfield. Including a character called Agatha Caulfield in Hey Arnold. Marie tweeted directly to the official Betty Boop Twitter account (BettyBoopNews), Betty Boop's official Twitter account however did not respond.


  • Rose Marie died on the 28th of December, 2017, in Van Nuys, California, aged 94.



  • When Rose Marie was younger she aspired to be like Helen Kane.
  • Rose Marie played another Sally (Sally Rogers) on the CBS situation comedy The Dick Van Dyke Show.
  • In some aspect, Baby Esther Jones was the African-American counterpart to Baby Rose Marie. Baby Rose was dubbed the "Child Wonder" whereas Baby Esther was dubbed a "Child Prodigy", however Marie was also considered a prodigy. Because Jones was African-American, she did not garner the same success as Rose Marie did in America, and Jones was more popular in Europe and South America. Both in history have been compared to their successor Shirley Temple.
  • In her first feature film, 1933's International House, Rose worked with W. C. Fields and an all-star cast, including Cab Calloway, Bela Lugosi and Burns & Allen.


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