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Myron Waldman


Myron Waldman

Myron Waldman (April 23, 1908 – February 4, 2006) was an American animator, best known for his work at Fleischer Studio. Waldman was born in Brooklyn, New York. He was a graduate of the Pratt Institute, where he majored in Art. He started his first career work in 1930 at Fleischer Studio. At Fleischer he worked on Betty Boop, Raggedy Ann, Gulliver's Travels, the animated adaptations of Superman, and Popeye. He was head animator on two Acadamy Award nominated shorts, Educated Fish (1937) and Hunky and Spunky (1939). Waldman made the transition when Fleischer Studios was foreclosed on by Paramount Pictures and reorganized as Famous Studios in 1942. At Famous he worked mostly on the Casper the Friendly Ghost series. In 1958 he left Famous to become an animation director at Hal Seeger Productions where he worked on the revival of the Out of the Inkwell series, as well as Milton the Monster, until his retirement in 1968.


  • Myron Waldman: "Bimbo was a big mutt and he spoke and he didn't go well with Betty Boop, you know. I never liked him." (Betty Boop: Queen of Cartoons)


  • Waldman died of congestive heart failure at the age of 97 in Bethpage, New York.


  • Myron Waldman created Pudgy the dog.
  • In a interview for the DVD release for the Betty Boop Biography Queen of Cartoons, Myron Waldman stated that he couldn't stand Bimbo the dog and deemed him to be a mutt.
  • Mae Questel was asked to name a kitten in a Betty Boop cartoon, so she decided to name the character Myron in the 1936 cartoon Happy You And Merry Me as a personal joke towards Myron Waldman. The character made his second and last appearance in The Lost Kitten.

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