Mrs. Fritzi Prissy
Miss fritzi ritz


Mrs. Fritzi Prissy






Voiced by

Margie Hines/Bonnie Poe

First Appearance

Little Nobody

Last Appearance

Little Nobody

Mrs. Fritzi Prissy is the owner of Snooty. She lives next door to Betty Boop. She is a snobbish rich lady and doesn't approve of Pudgy and calls him a "Little Nobody". She then proceeds to tell him to stay away from her dog. Fritzi doesn't get on with Betty until Pudgy rescues her dog Snooty. In the end of the cartoon Fritzi Prissy approves of Pudgy's love for Snooty and is seen in Betty's house praising him along with Snooty & Betty. Mrs Fritzi Prissy only appears in Little Nobody.


  • Mrs. Fritzi Prissy owns a large mansion next door to Betty's house in the cartoon Little Nobody.
  • Like Betty she wears two bangles on each hand.
  • She has beauty spot near the right side of her eye and resembles an opera singer, but is in fact actually a very wealthy woman.
  • A picture of her appeared in Betty Boop Dance Card.

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