Miss Green
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Miss Green






Sam Slade

Voiced by

Lucille Bliss

First Appearance

Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery

Last Appearance

Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery

Miss Green appears in The Betty Boop Movie Mystery. Miss Green is Lola Daville's secretary. Miss Green makes her first appearance in the film at Diner Dan's Diner where she plans to steal Lola's diamond necklace alongside with her accomplice Sam Slade. She can later seen at Lola DaVille's costume ball. When Lola's necklace is stolen Betty Boop is framed by the pair and is arrested by the police and taken to jail. Betty later solves the puzzle with her best friends Koko the Clown and Bimbo and take back the diamond from Miss Green. Sam Slade and Miss Green attempt to have Betty and her friends killed, but they manage to escape. Miss Green and Sam Slade chase Betty and her friends with a loaded gun, and eventually end up on a Busby Berkeley-like set to pursue Betty and her friends for the diamond. Miss Green chases Betty who has become trapped in a bubble to the top of the set and attempts to burst the bubble, once she bursts it, Betty falls into a clam shell with Miss Green on top with the diamond necklace. The police arrive and she is arrested along with Sam Slade. Lola DaVille emerges from nowhere and Miss Green is then fired from her job as her personal secretary. The police try to find Betty and thank her but she is nowhere to be seen.  Betty later emerges from the clam shell stating that justice has been served.


  • Miss Green: "You're late Mr. Slade! We better be able to count on you tonight!"
  • Miss Green: "Oh, yes... she'll be right back... you can wait in here if you like!"
  • Miss Green: "Oh, yes... the mousy one!"
  • Miss Green: "Why you little!"
  • Miss Green: "After them you fool!"


  • The character is a femme fatale.
  • The Prop Man refers to her as a sweet little lady.
  • Miss Green gets jealous when Betty Boop flirts with Sam Slade while singing in the first part of the film. Which could imply's that she might be in a relationship with him, as both of them plan to steal Lola DaVille's necklace.
  • The character can be classed as a rival towards Betty Boop.
  • When she disguises herself wearing a blonde wig, Bimbo finds her attractive. 
  • Known as Greeny/Greenie by Sam Slade.
  • Miss Green wears the exact same dress as Betty Boop. Her gloves and feet shoes & hair (from the side), vaguely resemble Disney's Minnie Mouse.
  • She is referred to as "the mousy one," which means dull or having a drab pale color. It also refers to someone who is quiet and or timid, or to resemble a mouse. 
  • During Lola DaVille's costume ball she dresses up as a mouse partly because she resembles one.
  • Miss Green was referenced in chapter 2 of the Betty Boop Comic Strip (2016).