The Miami Citizen, recently published a correction of statements, who had accused the Max Fleischer studio of failing to deal fairly with the United American Artists union and of moving to Miami to avoid paying workers decent wages. An investigation of the situation revealed the fact that Fleischer artists had been notified this spring that the studios were being moved to Miami where both Max Fleischer and his brother, Dave Fleischer, have homes. The studios offered a number of concessions to members of the union, Abe Aronovitz, local Fleischer representative, pointed out. Concessions included the payment of personal transportation and of cost of moving household goods, together with an agreement to pay return transportation to New York if they were not satisfied with conditions here. Aronovitz showed a reporter letters from Max Fleischer and from executives of Paramount through which the Fleischer animated cartoons are released, detailing the actual situation. When these concessions were offered the union members, they asked for still others which, the studio reports, it agreed to make. No answer was received from the union as to whether or not its members would come to Miami. Fleischer states that he wrote the union a second time, early this summer when initial shipments of equipment were sent south, and still received no reply.

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