Lenny Lizardlips


Lenny Lizardlips

 Lenny Lizardlips is a villain who appears in the Dynamite Entertainment comic strip. In the first comic strip he and his henchmen throw Grampy out of his house. In the next comic strip to follow Lenny attempts to steal Grampy's house by telling Grampy and Betty that he and his henchmen are government agents from the Department of Jazz. Following that comic strip he attempts to drive away Betty and Grampy by feeding bugs royal jelly which transform them into giant insects, but his stunt backfires and he ends up being killed. After dying Lenny appears in hell and works for Satan and makes his last play to trick Betty into signing her house over to him but it is undone when Mister Finkle tears up their contract. 


  • He has a tattoo referencing the name of Dolly the Witch on his right arm.
  • His henchmen are nameless ghosts.
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