Kitty from Kansas City

Kitty from Kansas City


Kitty from Kansas City



 Kitty from Kansas City (1931)

Kitty from Kansas City is a 1931 Talkartoon featuring Kitty and Rudy Vallée. Kitty packs her bags and catches a train to a place called Rudy Valley. Rudy Vallée sings a song about her. Kitty turns fat, guzzles beer and jumps on a donkey who kicks her into the the sea. Nearly drowning, she pulls a plug which drains the water and then turns into a fat mermaid riding a turtle alongside sea creatures on dry land.


  • Kitty: "Mr, how far is Rudy Valley?"
  • Train Driver: "Oh, the train? Oh, the train was supposed to go yesterday going today!"
  • Rudy Vallée: "Thought you folks might be interested in hearing the story about my old girlfriend of mine. A girl by the name of Kitty. Kitty is one of these girls that is very attractive, gracious and charming but unfortunately rather dumb. She came from some place in the middle west Kansas City I think it was and we used to call her Kitty from Kansas City."


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  • Was released on the 31st of October in 1931.
  • The animators were unable to draw female characters so they traced Grim Natwick's older Betty Boop drawings from earlier cartoons, which is why Kitty has two long dangly curls in place of long floppy dog ears.
  • According to a Paramount 1931 ad - Betty Boop plays the role of Kitty. An old rumor claimed that Kitty was a Betty Boop prototype, but Betty Boop was actually an established character starting from 1931. 
  • Kitty thought that singer Rudy Vallée was "Rudy Valley", which is a place between two hills.
  • A mouse writes "Fe" behind mail, as a parody of the word "female".
  • The title card music is a lyrical variation of the song "Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!" which is changed to "Sing, Come On, Sing!".

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