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Johnny Throat is a character that appears in The Romance of Betty Boop. He threatens Betty's Uncle Mischa who owns the Club Bubbles. Mischa Bubbles forgot pay his debt to Mr. Throat and as payment Johnny wants to take over the Club Bubbles and force Betty to be his girlfriend. The gang kidnaps Betty, and she manages to escape, but the criminals follow her with the intention of killing her. Betty runs away with coward Waldo Van Lavish, but is saved by Freddy (Fearless Fred). Johnny Throat has a scarf covering his mouth.


  • His two goons are Punchie & Chuckles.
  • His voice is provided by George R. Wendt who also did the voice for one of his goons, Punchie. Robert Towers did the voice of Chuckles.
  • Johnny speaks in muffled groany sounding voice.
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