Ginny Mahoney

Ginny Mahoney
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Ginny Mahoney

Ginny Mahoney is the daughter of Ruth Fleischer and Seymour Kneitel and is the granddaughter of Max Fleischer and Essie Fleischer. Ginny Mahoney has served on the board of directors, Since 1972 as Corporate VP. Fleischer Studios has worked closely with King Features Syndicate, which acts as the exclusive worldwide licensing agent for Betty Boop

Grim Natwick Film Festival 

Mahoney attended the the Grim Natwick film festival in 2011 where she represented the Fleischer Studios. She also appeared at the 2012 festival, where she gave a presentation about Gulliver's Travels and answered questions. 

In 2015 Betty Boop's official website introduced a new feature to the community which was entitld MAX and Me in which Mahoney shared a personal memory of her grandfather, snippets about Betty and the Fleischer family's history in the field of animation. The post was deleted on the official Betty Boop website but is backed up here on the Fleischer Studios official website.


Fleischerei was released in 2016 by Gary Lucas. Ginny Mahoney appeared on March the 5th at the AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring MD for the Washington Jewish Film Festival and was thrilled. Ginny Mahoney: "Memorable night! Max would have been proud of what you do!" - from Max Fleischer's Granddaughter Ginny Mahoney."


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