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Felix Mayol
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Felix Mayol

Felix Mayol (18 November 1872 – 26 October 1941) was a French singer who was born in Toulon, France. His parents were both amateur singers and actors, who arranged for Felix to make his debut stage at six years of age. Mayol was referenced in the $250,000 Infringement Lawsuit, where it was stated that Helen Kane "might" have taken her scat lyric idea (or been inspired) by Mayol's 1915 recording of "Bou Dou Ba Boum", which Kane denied.

Evidence Against Kane 


"Bou Dou Ba Da Bouh"

Edith Griffith and Felix Mayol were also used as evidence against Helen Kane, but the old footage of Baby Esther performing her unique scat singing routine helped prove that Kane was not the first "Boop-Oop-a-Doop" singer in the business.


  • In 1895 he went to Paris and the Montparnasse Quarter where he began a career in entertainment that spanned more than forty years. He adopted a camp and effeminate manner on stage as part of his theatrical persona.
  • Mayol sported a trademark quiff.
  • Felix can be heard interjecting his "Bou-Doo-Da-Ba-Boo" into his 1913 song "Bou Dou Ba Boum".
  • The teenage Maurice Chevalier took a risk by impersonating Mayol in small-time cafe entertainments, Mayol recognised the young man's talent and gave him his blessing. It led Chevalier to the Casino de Paris and the Follies Bergère.


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