Fairy Godmother
Im Just a Poor Cinderellla Nobody Loves Me It Seeems


Fairy Godmother






A Fairy Godmother appears in Poor Cinderella as Betty's Fairy Godmother, who grants her wish to attend the prince's ball giving her a beautiful gown, a carriage and traditional glass slippers. In fairy tales a Fairy Godmother is a fairy with magical powers who acts as a mentor or parent to someone, in the role that actual godparent was expected to play.


  • Fairy Godmother: "Cinderella?"
  • Fairy Godmother: "Pretty Cinderella you're unhappy I can see, I'm your fairy godmother listen to me, dry you're little eyes there is no need to cry at all, you're so kind and gentle you'll go to the ball!"
  • Fairy Godmother: "Go fetch me a Pumpkin, a large one my dear, six mice and two lizards and bring them right here."
  • Fairy Godmother: "Remember when the clock strikes twelve you must be home by then, for should you fail to be in bed, you'll be in rags again!"
  • Fairy Godmother: "Remember, remember, remember..."


  • The Fairy Godmother appears from the flame of a litten candle.
  • Betty Boop appears as her nephew Junior's Fairy Godmother in Baby Be Good.
  • Her design is based on Mae West.

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