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Desirée Goyette[1] is an American singer, composer, lyricist and voice-over artist. She has been nominated for two Grammy Awards and has voiced such characters as Barbie, Nermal, Petunia Pig, Honey Bunny and numerous others for radio, television and toys.

Goyette is a rhythm and blues singer, and specializes in that category.

She graduated from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and also studied at San Jose State University in the music department. She lived in Los Angeles for numerous years and wed her second husband, producer of Garfield, Lee Mendelson. After many years together they then separated and divorced.

Around 1993, Goyette married fellow Peanuts and Garfield contributor Ed Bogas, to whom she is still married and with whom she has two children.

In 1984 Goyette portrayed Betty in person at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade courtesy of King Features Syndicate, there she sang and danced to the "I Wanna Be Loved By You" number to a live audience, Goyette had also recorded the voice for Betty Boop[2] at the Gold Star Recording Studios for the 1985 movie The Romance of Betty Boop.[3]

Goyette went on the road in an act called "Betty Boop on the Road" in 1984 as a full-time Betty Boop impersonator for a year. She appeared on late night TV and morning talk shows as Betty Boop. Her husband did the 1930s and 1940s music arrangements for her.

In The Romance of Betty Boop, she sings a shorter alternative version of "I Wanna Be Loved By You". This is the only time, Betty Boop has officially sang the song in animated form.

In 1984, Mae Questel reacted to Goyette taking over as Betty Boop's voice by saying, "What can I say, things have to change."[4] Goyette stated that she had grew up watching Betty Boop re-runs on television, and her mother liked to sing the "I Wanna Be Loved By You" baby-talk recording by Helen Kane that was released in 1928. When Goyette was 9 years old, her idol Debbie Reynolds sang it in the 1950 film Three little Words.

King Features Syndicate set up a gala event with both Questel and Goyette to introduce Goyette to the public.[5] Reviews said that Goyette could pass for the granddaughter of Questel.

She mimicked Reynolds and discovered later that she was indirectly imitating Helen Kane, who had inspired the character of Betty Boop in the first place. Goyette also did various commercials as the voice of Betty during the 1980s.

Goyette did not reprise the Betty Boop role and was replaced by Mae Questel in 1988 for the cameo in the feature film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Mary Healey and Melissa Fahn took over the role in 1989, Fahn up until the late 2000s.

The role was later shared with Betty Boop sound-a-likes such as Cindy Robinson and Lauren "Coco" Cohn. It was revealed that starting in November of 2023, actress Jasmine Amy Rogers would play the new reimagined version of the live-action Betty Boop character in The Betty Boop Musical on Broadway.

Mae Questel attended the Academy screening of The Romance of Betty Boop, there Questel whispered to June Foray, and told Foray that Goyette was "not so bad" as the voice of Betty Boop.

Upon the release of Betty Boop Dance Card, many fans first thought that Goyette had taken on the role of Betty again. This turned out to be false, as the voice was provided by Heather Halley. In 2024, Goyette shared her experience as Betty Boop, and sang a short live rendition of "I Wanna Be Loved By You". Goyette confirmed that Debbie Reynolds inspired her version of the song.[6]


  • Desirée Goyette: "I met Mae Questel in New York when King Features, which has the rights to Betty Boop, held a gala to introduce us to the public. It was a tremendous thrill. Questel's a little older now, but she still does voice work and is a lot of fun." (1985)
  • Desirée Goyette: "I mimicked Debbie and discovered later that she was imitating Helen Kane who had inspired Betty's voice in the first place."[7] (1985)
  • Desirée Goyette: "Betty Boop was a product of the roaring 1920s. Betty Boop got away with murder with her sexy winks, slinky walk, garter and macro-mini skirt. She was just too provocative for kids." (1985)
  • Desirée Goyette: "She actually began as a cute little dog, the girlfriend of a cartoon dog named Bimbo. Then her ears became earrings and she was made human." (1985)
  • Desirée Goyette: "Betty's premature disappearance from the nation's movie screens was brought about by pioneer feminists. And blue noses who thought Miss Boop's sex appeal was a little heavy for pre-World War II audiences." (1985)
  • Desirée Goyette: "The only thing different about Betty in our special is her dress. Instead of black, Betty's dress is red. The garter, curls and skirt are still intact." (1985)
  • Desirée Goyette: "I sing rhythm and blues, I'm a white girl singing Black music." (1985)
  • Desirée Goyette: "I was slated to be the music director for the film The Romance of Betty Boop, so they decided to have a huge casting call for the actual voice of Betty. And they certainly contacted the original voice of Betty first, Mae Questel but she was very elderly by that time and her voice had dropped a bit quite a bit actually it didn't seem like she was going to be able to handle doing it for this new show." (2014)
  • Desirée Goyette: "They had this big casting call and they advertised it in The Hollywood Reporter, and all of the Hollywood trades and on the day of casting there were people wrapped around the corner around the block." (2014)
  • Desirée Goyette: "We did it at the old Gold Star Recording Studios which no longer exists but it was a legendary studio to work in. So I was there to play the piano for the people auditioning. And I would say every one out of five would whisper before they auditioned and say 'what does Betty Boop sound like?' And I said well ya know (in Betty Boop's voice), 'Ya kinda have to pucker up a and put on a Brooklyn accent and squeak a little' and that's Betty." (2014)
  • Desirée Goyette: "The producer heard me doing that voice the head of CBS and asked when I was going to try out, and I was thrilled and got the part and had a great time doing it." (2014)
  • Desirée Goyette: "I think Debbie Reynolds was portraying Clara Bow. Now Clara Bow was the original 'It Girl' who represented the ultimate flapper girl of the 20s. Betty Boop was modeled after Clara Bow, so if you want to know more about who Betty Boop was, you need to know a lot more about who Clara Bow was." (2014)
  • Desirée Goyette: "I auditioned by accident to be the new voice of Betty Boop. I knew that I was slated to do the music for it. And I was brought in to play the piano for all the new women auditioning to be the new Betty." (2016)
  • Desirée Goyette: "This was for a 1984, brand new piece of animation. It was the first new animated piece of Betty Boop since the early black and white. In Hollywood, you get a lot of people who wanna be seen or heard." (2016)
  • Desirée Goyette: "And they may or may not know, even know what the role is that they are trying out for, or know much about it. A lot of people came up to me, and asked me what Betty Boop sounds like?" (2016)
  • Desirée Goyette: "And I said, oh well ya know. Ya have to sorta pucker up, and put on a lil' Brooklyn. And you've got it! Boop-Oop-a-Doop! Haha! And I had done Betty's voice as a child, she was one of my heroes." (2016)
  • Desirée Goyette: "But I had no intention of trying out. I didn't consider myself a professional voice-over actress. After doing Betty's voice enough times, and the producer hearing my voice at the booth. The head of specials for CBS, pushed the talk button in the studio. And said so Des, when are you gonna try out for the Betty?" (2016)
  • Desirée Goyette: "So I did and I ended up getting that role, before that I had already done Nermal in Garfield." (2016)
  • Desirée Goyette: "One character was Googi Goop, so you know what they wanted her to sound like? They just simply said now let's get that girl who did Betty Boop." (2024)
  • Desirée Goyette: "Oh, I don't do Betty for just anybody." (2024)

Desirée Goyette's Personal History with Betty Boop

Miss Desiree Goyette as Betty Boop 1980s

Desirée Goyette grew up doing the voice of Betty Boop as a little girl, she had seen some of the early Max Fleischer cartoons and loved them. She later saw a movie with Debbie Reynolds in Three Little Words. And so as a little girl, Goyette would do her best Clara Bow imitation and never imagined as an adult, that she would be doing the voice of Betty Boop for a TV show.

Songs performed as Betty Boop

Googi Goop

In 1996, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., brought in one-time Betty Boop voice actress and composer Desiree Goyette to perform the role of Googi Goop in the Animaniacs episode The Girl with the Googily Goop. It was originally thought that Tress MacNeille (Teressa Claire Payne) had done the role, as MacNeille had once been cited as the voice of Betty Boop, but was in fact Goyette. Before Goyette lent her voice to Googi, she voiced Roxy in Tiny Toon Adventures. Roxy was a character from the Merrie Melodies series Foxy and Roxy, who also used to "Boop-Boop-a-Doop" in her Merrie Melodies cartoon appearances.

Googi Goop Production Cel

In the original concept, Googi Goop was a human girl like Betty Boop. But due to a possible lawsuit by King Features and or Fleischer Studios, Googi was changed to look more like the Warner brothers Yakko, Wakko and Warner sister Dot.



  • Goyette made an appearance as Betty Boop in person at the 1984 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, one year before the film was released.
  • She was picked to voice Betty out of 55 actresses.
  • Goyette wrote the music for numerous Garfield specials and series, as well as for Charlie Brown specials and Saturday morning series. She also composed the music for Snoopy's Flash Beagle album, which sold 200,000 copies.
  • Bill Melendez commented that he had planned to animate the character better than the Fleischer artists ever had. He stated that he had no plans to hire any of the original animators who had worked on the original shorts, nor would he consider using Mae Questel, Betty's long-time voice.
  • Goyette wrote three songs for Betty and also performed "I Wanna Be Loved By You" in the film.
  • She was the voice of the Spider Queen for Jaleco's arcade game "Spider Stompin'" also known as "Spider Splattin'".
  • Goyette's quotes can be read here.[8]


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