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Buzzy Boop

Buzzy Boop

Buzzy Boop


 Buzzy Boop (1938)

Betty Boop's tomboyish young cousin Buzzy Boop takes the Leerie R.R. train to visit Betty. She's helpful, using her chewing gum to stick on a sleeping man's toupee, and watering the flowers in a lady's hat. At Betty's house Buzzy meets up with a bunch of rough boys next door playing marbles and tries to join in. She proves better at things like walking on a fence than the boys, and even fares well with the goat the boys unleash. Only then is she considered one of the guys.


  • Betty Boop: "Just a minute..."
  • Postboy: "Here ya are toots!"
  • Betty Boop: "Thank you boy."
  • Buzzy Boop: "Here ya are pop's!"
  • Betty Boop: "I don't see Buzzy anywhere?"
  • Buzzy Boop: "Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!"
  • Buzzy Boop: "Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Here I am I'll be right down here!"
  • Buzzy Boop: "Are we gonna have some fun and stuff!"
  • Buzzy Boop: "Whoa! Whoa! Here I am!"
  • Betty Boop: "Oh, Buzzy you're such a tomboy! Look what you did to my nice clean dress!"
  • Buzzy Boop: "Hawt diggity dog!"
  • Betty Boop: "Please behave Buzzy..."
  • Buzzy Boop: "Nice place ya got here."
  • Betty Boop: "Now go upstairs Buzzy and freshen up."
  • Buzzy Boop: "Oh, I'll freshen up!"
  • Buzzy Boop: "I better park myself right here!"
  • Buzzy Boop: "Oh, goody! goody! goody! Look out below!"
  • Boy: "Hey what's the big idea? Go chase yerself will ya!"
  • Buzzy Boop: "Oh, what's a matter?"
  • Buzzy Boop: "Oh, marbles that's my game!"
  • Boy: "Beat it will ya!"
  • Boy: "Think ya smart huh? I'll show ya!"
  • Betty Boop: "Oh, dear! I've never seen such a mess..."
  • Betty Boop: "Buzzy is so untidy!"


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  • Was released on the 29th of July in 1938.
  • Buzzy meets up with her cousin at the Slipsan Falls railway.