Buzzy Boop

Buzzy Boop takes the train to visit Betty. While on the train she plays loads of tongue in cheek tricks on the passengers,when Buzzy meets up with Betty at Moon Train station Buzzy climbs on top of the train and jumps up and down, Betty falls over, Buzzy helps her up. Betty who is more girly tells Buzzy that she is such a Tomboy, and tells her that she has ruined Betty's nice clean dress. When Buzzy arrives at Betty's home she goes straight upstairs to unpack. While putting away her socks, they get caught in the drawers. Buzzy then uses a pair of scissors to cut them up into tiny pieces so that they fit into the drawers. While unpacking Buzzy hears a group of boys playing outside of Betty's house, and tries to join in with them. But the boys don't like girls. The boys play walking on the fences and jumping on wires. Buzzy beats the boys at every game, so they get a goat to knock her over, but it backfires. Buzzy saves the boys by luring the goat to get caught in the washing line. After the goat is caught, Buzzy and the boys jump on it like a merry go round. Betty praises Buzzy, and gives everyone doughnuts. In Buzzy's second appearance Betty takes her to a highbrow concert.


  • Buzzy Boop: "Hot diggidy dawg!" (Buzzy Boop)
  • Buzzy Boop: "Come on Betty we'll have some fun an stuff!" (Buzzy Boop)
  • Buzzy Boop: "Oh! Nice place ya got here" (Buzzy Boop)
  • Buzzy Boop: "Oh! What's a matter?" (Buzzy Boop)
  • Buzzy Boop: "Oh! Marbles that's my game!" (Buzzy Boop)
  • Buzzy Boop: "Alright cousin Betty!" (Buzzy Boop)
  • Buzzy Boop: "Aww, that's sissy stuff!" (Buzzy Boop)

Voiced by

Buzzy's Letter to Betty

Buzzy letter to betty boop.PNG

"Ready or not-here I come. Meet me on noon train. Your sweet cousin Buzzy Boop."

Character Design

Buzzy Boop a Doop.jpg

Buzzy Boop has her hair braided with ribbons on the end of each braid. She wears a dress similar to Betty's design. Although in the cartoon the dress is altered and resembles Olive Oyl's from the Popeye series. Buzzy is also shown to wear a hat in the beginning of the cartoon, but when she enters Betty's house she takes it off.



  • Buzzy Boop's arms and legs look similar to Olive Oyl's from the Popeye series.
  • Buzzy is 12 years old.
  • Buzzy uses the phrase "Oh" in a lot of her sentences, she is also shown to hum a lot throughout the cartoon.
  • Buzzy wears a hat with a flower at the side of it, but once she arrives at Betty's house she takes off her hat.
  • Buzzy Boop's voice was provided by Bonnie Poe.