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Betty Boop (Sister)

Bubby Boop is Betty Boop's little brother who only appears in the Betty Boop Comic Strip alongside his Aunt Tillie. When he gets up to mischief and is scolded he usually responds by saying; "Aw! Why Don't You Behave?" In one of the earlier comic strips before Bubby was introduced, Betty Boop can be seen adopting several children known as the Quintet Kiddies, the characters had the same exact character design as Bubby.


  • Bubby Boop: "You can't be late enough for me!"
  • Bubby Boop: "Wow! Thanks sis!"
  • Bubby Boop: "Well I ain't bragging about it!"
  • Bubby Boop: "Aw! We're playin' Indian and we've got to have a teepee, ain't we?"
  • Bubby Boop: "Aw! Gee sis..."
  • Bubby Boop: "Sissy stuff!"
  • Bubby Boop: "She would!"
  • Bubby Boop: "Betty!"


  • Bubby Boop is Betty's baby brother from the comic strip, he is not to be confused with Billy Boop who was Betty's baby brother who made appearances in the animated series and the earlier comic strips.
  • Betty Boop's parents are not seen in the comic series, Bubby lives alone with Betty and Aunt Tillie. 
  • After pulling a prank or playing up he always responds by saying "Aw! Why Don't You Behave?".
  • Sometimes, Billy would appear in the strip instead of Bubby.
  • Like his brother, Bubby is very rude and adventurous, prone to do things deserving of a spanking.
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