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Bimbo became the star of Fleischer Studios Talkartoons series (replacing Koko the Clown), making his first appearance in the 1930 short film, Hot Dog. Bimbo was relegated to a supporting character when his girlfriend, Betty Boop, became a more popular character. The Talkartoons series eventually became the Betty Boop series. Bimbo appeared in Fleischer cartoons from 1930 until 1933, when he was eliminated from Betty's series by the Production Code's censorship laws, since an anthropomorphic dog with a human love interest was considered too risque during the time. Bimbo's most recent appearance is in the Betty Boop comic books by Dynamite Comics in 2016, where he is one of Betty's best friends who has a secret crush on her.


  • Bimbo: "Roast duck!" (Dizzy Dishes)
  • Bimbo: "Boop-Poop-a-Doop-Boo!" (Dizzy Dishes)
  • Bimbo: "Hello, beautiful!" (Bimbo's Express)
  • Bimbo: "What a pippin!" (Bimbo's Initation)
  • Bimbo: "Boop-Oop-a-Doop!" (S.O.S)
  • Bimbo: "C'mon, Betty!" (Crazy Town)
  • Bimbo: "Any rags? Any rags? Any rags? Any bones? Any bottles today?'" (Any Rags)
  • Bimbo: "For you a rose!" (Betty Boop's Bizzy Bee)
  • Bimbo: "Congratulations!" (Betty Boop's Birthday)
  • Bimbo: "Now what do we do?" (Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery)
  • Bimbo: "That's the third time this month we've been fired..." (Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery)
  • Bimbo: "You mean like musical detectives?" (Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery)
  • Bimbo: "We're looking for Miss Green. Maybe you've seen her? Real mousy type grey hair." (Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery)
  • Bimbo: "One minute to go Betty!" (Betty Boop Bop)
  • Bimbo: "She's got game!" (Betty Boop Bop)
  • Bimbo: "Gee Whiz! You don't suppose something's happened to Betty, do you?" (Dynamite Digital Comics)
  • Bimbo: "I-I couldn't live with myself if--" (Dynamite Digital Comics)
  • Bimbo: "You take that back, Sally Swing! I, er, I'm just concerned as a f-friend, that's all!" (Dynamite Digital Comics)


In the original cartoon shorts, Bimbo is shown to have somewhat good intentions but is a bit of a troublemaker. Usually by tricking and or pulling pranks on background characters in earlier films. He is also known to have a huge libido as well, especially towards Betty. Similar to Betty Boop, he has a child-like nature. In the Dynamite comics, he seems to be portrayed as timid and nervous.

Character Design

Betty's Furry Bimbo

Bimbo is a black dog, who wears a red top, white gloves and large yellow shoes in contrast of Disney's famous Mickey Mouse.

Teacher's Pest

The 1931 animated short, Teacher's Pest features a younger version of Bimbo. In this film, Bimbo is late for school. Bimbo lives with his mother and father. Bimbo's mother can be heard in the opening sequence of the cartoon but is not seen. Bimbo's father is referenced when Bimbo gives his teacher a forged letter which states "Please excuse Bimbo for being late - my Father." The cartoon short revolves around Bimbo causing mischief at school.


In the 1931 cartoon short Wait Till The Sun Shines, Nellie, Bimbo is depicted as a cat.

Bimbo's Other Girlfriends

Before Betty Boop, Bimbo often had other girlfriends or wives (most of which were prototypes of Betty Boop). His girlfriends have appeared in some of the earlier Screen Songs and Talkartoon. Some of them even appeared after Betty Boop's debut in Dizzy Dishes from 1931-1932.

Bimbo's Children

In the 1931 cartoon short, The Bum Bandit. Bimbo has 17 kids with Betty. This only happened in that one short. They never appeared again afterwards.

See Also

Bimbo's Family

Bimbo's Mother and Bimbo's baby brother, Aloysius appeared alongside Bimbo in the 1931 short, Minding the Baby. Bimbo's baby brother also appears in many of the earlier Betty Boop cartoons, but Bimbo and Aloysius don't seem to connect with each other as they did in Minding the Baby. From 1932, Aloysius was changed from Bimbo's baby brother into Betty Boop's baby brother. At the same time, his name was changed from Aloysius to Billy Boop. Bimbo's mother is only seen once in the Betty Boop series, but she does makes an earlier apperance in the Talkartoons series. Billy Boop continued to appear in the Betty Boop series until 1933, when he was removed with Bimbo and the rest of Betty's animal friends due to the Production Code's censorship laws.

Voice Actors

The Betty Boop Movie Mystery (1989)

Bimbo made his comeback in The Betty Boop Movie Mystery as one of Betty's loyal friends, along with Koko the Clown. His fur is blue instead of black and he is known as "Bimbo the Musical Dog". In this special, he does not have interest in Betty sexually as he did in the original theatrical cartoon series.

Betty Boop Dance Card

Bimbo appears as a playable character in Betty Boop Dance Card.

Bimbo Filmography


  • Bimbo was one of the animal characters to be removed from the Betty Boop cartoons due to the Hays Code censorship laws.
  • Bimbo is best friends with Koko the Clown.
  • Some people think that Bimbo was turned into Pudgy the Dog, which is untrue. Pudgy and Bimbo are completely different characters.
  • Bimbo's color concept vaguely resembles Disney's Mickey Mouse.
  • In the Japanese dub, Bimbo is depicted as sounding like a boy rather than a grown man.
  • As did Betty, Bimbo also went through many different designs. Bimbo's official design was finalized in the 1931 Talkartoon titled The Herring Murder Case. However, his oldest design was used a few times after that.
  • A character called Pooch the Pup greatly resembled Bimbo when he was given a new character design. 

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