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Anthropomorphic Dog

Big Boss appears in Betty Boop's Big Boss. He is looking for a female secretary to work in his office. Many women attend the interview, Betty Boop included. Betty sings "You'd Be Surprised" to win him over. Big Boss throws all the other women out of his office, as he deems them to be ugly. While Betty is working for him, he is noticeably lusting over her, but by accident Betty knocks the typewriter into him, which makes him spit out his cigar. As Big Boss walks over to Betty in a furious manner, she responds by saying; "Did I hurt my Pupsy Wupsy?". Big Boss tries to kiss Betty, but she tells him that he is naughty. He then proceeds to chase her around the room, the anthropomorphic door locks itself so Betty cannot escape. Betty runs to the phone and calls the police. The whole Army come to rescue Betty (including Bimbo, who seems to be a policeman) only to be told by Betty, who is kissing Big Boss, that they are fresh.


  • While Betty is singing "You'd Be Surprised", she flashes her underwear to Big Boss.
  • When the police try to shoot Big Boss with their guns and he shoots back, Betty says' "I wanna play too!", she grabs a pencil sharpener and uses it as a gun to shoot Big Boss in the behind.
  • While the Police and Army are about to save Betty by shooting the building down, it looks like she is being strangled, however, they open the curtains to see her kissing the Boss.
  • Betty refers to him as being a "pupsy", a name she would later use for her pet dog Pudgy, which indicates that Big Boss is a dog.

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