Betty boop visits store 1932.png

Original of Popular Heroine in Animated Movie Imitates Smith, Coolidge. Betty Boop, the original of popular "Betty Boop" animated motion picture cartoons made a personal apperance at Namm's yesterday afternoon and drew such a crowd of admiters that store officials and clerks were pressed into service to keep order. With Betty, who in private life is Miss Mae Questel, Manhattan was her creator Max Fleischer, originator of one of the first animated movie cartoons. Betty lived up to her name and did a liberal amount of "Booping" and an rqual amount of rolling her large brown eyes for the enthusiastic crowd. She appeared in the milinery department. In addition to her "Boop-a-Doop" which won for her the title of New York City's official "Boop-a-Doop" girl two years ago in a contest conducted by Helen Kane of the movies. Betty also demonstrated her singing and mimicking talents yesterday afternoon. The range of imitations included clever take-offs of Al Smith, Calvin Coolidge and other leading political figures as well as stage celebrities.

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