Betty Boop Title Song
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"Betty Boop Title Song" by Nicole Van Giesen


Betty Boop Musical:

Now Mr. Mayor if you asked the folks who knew me

They'd say I know the way things oughta be run

I think we've had it up to here with feeling gloomy

With speeding posters and bleeding ulcers and not enough fun

Now if you gave this lovely little honor to me

Well I could get the city out of the soup

You'll all be honestly lauded my proposal

Is uncomplicated as my name

Ooo! Betty Boop!

Ain't she got the cutest dimples

She's as her proposals simple

As her name Betty Boop

That's right boys!

Now for starters...

I'd give a handkerchief to every nose that's runny

I'd give a belt to any pants that don't fit

I would decree that every day be warm and sunny

All jokes be funny

And all the money be equally split

Each little kid will get a puppy and or a bunny

And every house will get a basketball hoop

We'll all be bouncing and a tapping

It's amazing what could happen

If you vote for me Betty Boop

Look at how she smiles and stances

We don't need to watch convincing

Vote for her Betty Boop

Aaaaah, every politician will wear a pink bow tie

Aaaaah, foods will be nutrition

Chocolate ice cream and cherry pie

If we could finish all the mean and frowny faces

I bet the news would get a fabulous scoop

And every poor and un-professional folks

Are askin' fight depression

And it sticks to me,

Betty Boooooooop!

Cast your vote for Betty Boop!

Oh, thank you fellas!

Cast your vote for Betty Boop,

Oooo! Now you're embarrassing me

You do not!

Cast your vote for Betty Boop!

Look out!

There'd be a minimum of twenty smiles an hour

They'll be a maximum of one pout a week

And every Boopaneer will get to keep its flower

And any plower who's feeling sour

I'll kiss of the cheek

No one's committed to be grouchy, grim or grumpy

It's an infliction worse than typhoid or croup

So if your feeling almond garter

Drop the bows and join the party

Come along with me

Betty Boop!


Anyone who's hungry will get a tuna melt of toast


We can start a trend and do a turkey trot

From coast to coast

So come on boys let's make some noise

And throw confetti

We'll be un-mighty and unfightable too.. a'gender...

Can't be counted on to lend a little joy and job

To this old dob!

Three cheers if you're ready to count on

Betty Boop!

Boop! Boop!

A Boop-Oopy-Doop!