Betty Boop has her own doll line created by a company called Precious Kids. Precious Kids are well known for making Betty Boop collectible dolls in different sizes. Some of the dolls they created talk by clicking a button on Betty's back. Other versions talk by clicking the locket you get with the doll. Precious Kids also make figurines and other products of the character Betty Boop. Precious Kids also sell Popeye the Sailorman merchandise, both products in which are affiliated with King Features Syndicate, Inc. / Fleischer Studios, Inc. TM Hearst Holdings.

Collectible Talking Betty Boop Dolls by Precious Kids 

Talking Betty Boop Happy Birthday Doll (Wishes you a Happy Birthday)

Talking Party Time Betty, (3 styles assorted)

Fab 50s Talking Betty

Talking Biker Betty Boop (Engine Makes Sounds)

10" Betty Boop Dolls by Precious Kids 

Flapper Betty

Glamour Betty

Nurse Betty

Biker Betty

Witch Betty

Patriotic Betty

Santa Betty

Poddle Betty

PVC Betty

Red Hat Betty

12" Betty Boop Dolls by Precious Kids 

Betty in Car Hop Dress

Diva Betty

Flapper Betty

Nurse Betty

Red Hat Betty

Biker Betty

Graduate Betty

USA Betty

G.I Betty

Sequin Gown Betty

Racing Girl Betty

Betty With Hat & Muff

Glamour Betty (Version 2 & 3)

Mermaid Betty

Hula Betty

Betty Basic (Many assorted dolls in different gowns)

Betty Love NY

Betty Love Vegas

Betty Love Hollywood

Flight Attendant Betty

Silver Limited Edition Betty Boop Dolls by Precious Kids 

Red for Betty

Evening Star Betty

Angel Betty

Bridal Dress Betty

Southern Bell Betty

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