Betty Boop Parodies & References:


Betty Boop parodies and references. Betty Boop has also been in a variety of cartoons, television shows, live-action films and Japanese animation. At one point parodies of Betty Boop got so prevalent that Max Fleischer had to issue a warning, forgetting that the original creator of Grim Natwick (who has admitted this several times in interviews) that he had originally took direct inspiration for the Betty Boop character from Helen Kane, who in turn took direct inspiration from Baby Esther Jones for her scat singing routine (something that Betty Boop is best known for.) However Esther Jones was inspired by Florence Mills, who replaced the scat singing female originator Gertrude Saunders in the musical Shuffle Along, (with Cab Calloway and or Clarence Williams being the male counterpart of scat singing), making imitation the sincerest form of flattery in this world. When Betty Boop debuted in 1932, she was given Mae Questel's mannerisms, including her imitation technique (which can be seen in several cartoons featuring Mae as Betty) and Betty was often compared to Greta Garbo, Mae West and Clara Bow. Making a parody of someone or something is protected by copyright laws, as it is often considered satire. Such uses can be done without permission from the copyright owner. An idea is not copyright protectable, which is why people often coin other people's ideas and profit from them.

Max Fleischer's Warning

Since Betty Boop has reached stardom in motion pictures, it has come to my attention that other producers of animated cartoons are attempting to imitate the character created by me. I hereby serve notice that the character Betty Boop is fully protected by copyright registration and I intend to protect my interests to the fullest extent of the law against anyone attempting to use or imitate this character. 

Betty Boop Parodies & References

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