Betty Boop Movie Mix Up

Betty Boop Movie Mix Up
Movie mix up


Betty Boop Movie Mix Up

Betty Boop Movie Mix Up is a mobile game by Bandai Namco. In story mode, unscramble moving puzzles to reveal a hidden story. In costume closet mode. mix and match outfits to set the scene for a photo shoot then take the picture to create your own new puzzle to solve "Boop-Oop-A-Doop". The game is based on the legendary classic cartoon character. Exciting and challenging puzzles. Dress Betty up in Closet Costume mode to create your own puzzles. Choose from 45 different outfits. unlock hidden challenges. 

Game Modes 

  • Puzzle play mode - the user can pick and choose which puzzle they want to play.
  • Movie Matinee mode - consists of nine different animated puzzles slightly different from that of Puzzle Play. When playing Movie Matinee mode, the user plays one puzzle right after another, in order from start to finish.
  • Costume Closet mode - allows the user the ability to dress Betty Boop from head to toe in a wide variety of clothing articles. They can even choose their favorite themed background. Once finished, they place Betty into their very own designed Betty Boop jigsaw puzzle.



  • Sean Worsham (Character Designer/ Lead Artist) was the lead artist for Betty Boop Movie Mix-Up. He would storyboard 9 game sequences, conceptualize 9 scenarios and various side characters and assign 3 other artists various assignments such as sprite creation and background creation assistance and would give input on costumes for the main character as well as the UI.
  • Sean has also animated several casino games featuring Betty Boop.

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