Betty Boop Dance Card

Betty Boop Dance Card


Betty Boop Dance Card



 Betty Boop Bop

Betty Boop Dance Card, also known as Betty Boop Bop, is a IOS rhythm action game with card collecting and deck building elements which will be playable on Iphone & Ipad. Betty Boop Dance Card will feature original gameplay, music, 3D graphics, storylines and bring Betty into the new millenium. BBDC is a music game with over 20 original songs and music tracks inspired by Betty Boop's unmatched musical legacy. This game is every Betty Boop fan's dream come true.

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BB Dance Card (By Fowl Moon Studios Corp) - iOS - iPhone iPad iPod Touch Gameplay


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Cast & Crew 

  • Heather Halley as Betty Boop (CGI Opening)
  • Camilla Bard as Betty Boop (Singing Voice & misc)
  • David Babich as Bimbo
  • Kenley Kristofferson (Singer)
  • Andrew Yankiwski (Announcer)
  • Miron Blumental (Producer)
  • Mickey Blumental (Director & Film Editor)
  • Asa Movshovitz (Art Direction)
  • Ilan Volovich (Visual Effects)
  • James Higgins (Programmer)


  • "Friends Reunited"
  • "Waiting For Someone"
  • "Biterial Girl" (80s, The name is a reference to "Material Girl", but based on 2-bit game music)
  • "Dance Dance Betty"
  • "Break Me Down"
  • "I Don't Know"
  • "I Said Betty"
  • "Some Men"
  • "Celebration"
  • "Bimbo To The Rescue"
  • "The Package"
  • "Move Your Body"

Playable Characters 

Betty Boop's Outfits 

Biker, Astronaut, Cowgirl, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Bride of Frankenstein,Swimsuit, French Maid, Gymnast, Japanse Kimono, Lion Tamer, Long Dress, Short Dress, Nurse, Posh, Classic Outfit, Robot, Safari,Navy, Tron, Super Betty.



  • Betty can be seen doing her famous "Boop-Oop-a-Doop" pose from Who Framed Roger Rabbitin the opening CGI sequence for the game.
  • Betty Boop Dance Card is the first time Betty and her friends are fully in 3D.
  • Was originally to have been released in May but the release date was changed and was released on the 6th of June.
  • Betty wears her official white frilly garter belt , which can be bought in stores.



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