Betty Boop's Big Break

Betty Boop's Big Break

Betty Boop's Big Break
Betty Boop's Big Brake


Betty Boop's Big Break
Release Date: October 1990

Betty Boop's Big Break is a comic book that was released in 1990 with art by Leslie Cabarga, Milton Knight and Michael McCormick. Script by Joshia Quagmire and Leslie Cabarga. Printed in the United States of America. Richard Obadiah as Publisher, Kathy Kotsivas as Operations Director, Ron Fascitelli as Sales Director, Kurt Foldzung as Creative Director, Fred Schiller as Production Supervisor and Rich Markow as Traffic Manager.

Betty Boop's Big Break is a madcap romp through depression-era Coney Island. The laughs build when rides go awry as Betty and boyfriend Bimbo attempt to horn in on a movie production starring their old pal Koko the Clown.

It's the most "Boop-Oop-a-Doopiest" comedy and adventure since the days of the original Fleischer cartoons!

Sung in the tune of "Minnie the Moocher" Betty is introduced by Cab Calloway. Calloway tells the story of Boop being a Broadway hoofer who stepped on down the great white way to be a star.

Both Betty and Cab proceed to "scat-sing" together on stage. Betty who works hard at a theme park comes across a Follies poster featuring star Lulu Laloop and begins to sigh, she wants to be a huge star like Laloop. Fleischer directs Betty, as she films several skits with her pals, and in doing so annoys her boss.

"Betty Boop Exposed!" an exclusive report by Cabarga featuring "Cartoon Darling Evolved From Dog," "Kutie Kavorts With Klown," and "Censors See Red!" marked the conclusion. Helen Kane sued Paramount and Max Fleischer for stealing her stuff. However, during the trial it was revealed that art had imitated life imitating life. Helen Kane herself had swiped the "Boop" schtick from a Black singer known as Baby Esther! Thus, the Fleischer Studios won the case and Betty was free forevermore to "Boop" anew.


  • Koko the Clown: "I was a star before Betty Boop came along."
  • Koko the Clown: "At first I was kinda annoyed that she was gettin' all the attention, but heck, she was so gosh-darn lovable, ya had to forgive her! But there was that suit brought by that Helen Kane girl. Then came the scandal over the Will Hayes production code. Betty never really got over that, I'm afraid."
  • Bimbo: "Get that camera outta my face! That two-timing Betty Boop was my gal, y'unnerstand? We was two dog cartoon characters, see? But we was happy as two bugs in a rug. Then, I dunno, the Fleischer Studios gave her some kinda operation or sumpin'. She became more human but still she was just lines on paper, see?"
  • Bimbo: "Right off, she starts datin' guys like Fearless Fred. She starts off with this new pooch, Pudgy, and pretty soon I'm outta the pictures altogether. It's like she's forgot her roots or sumpin'!"
  • Betty Boop: "I mean, first it was this lawsuit with the Kane girl. I'd never even seen her act. My 'Boop-Oop-a-Dooping' comes from here. Either you 'Boop' from inside or you ain't got it. It's not somethin' you pull on or off like a pair o' six-inch spike heels."




  • Released on Oct 10, 1990.
  • Published by First Publishing, Inc. 435 N. LaSalle St., Chicago, Illinois 60610.
  • In one strip, Betty quotes "On the good ship Sasafras... It's a swell place to take your lass... You'll float away... Happy landings on romance bay." A reference to Shirley Temple's hit song "On The Good Ship Lollipop". "On the good ship Sasafras... It's a swell place to take your lass... You'll float away... Happy landings on romance bay." The song was officially covered by Mae Questel as "The Betty Boop Girl".

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